Shimmering Candles in 3 Steps

Here it is, another D.I.Y. craft and just in time for Christmas may I add. To keep with the candle theme, I started last week, I came across another candle D.I.Y. that involves double-sided tape and glitter. I mean, who doesn’t love GLITTER! This is another great Christmas gift idea that’s inexpensive and easy to make.

The materials needed for this craft include: a candle, double-sided tape, glitter, paint brush, pan/plate, and spoon. All of these items can be found at your local craft store, I bought mine at Michael’s Arts and Crafts. Unlike last weeks project, I was provided with directions for this D.I.Y. There were pictures a long with descriptions for each step and they were very easy to follow.

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Materials used

The tutorial starts off by telling you to wrap pieces of double-sided tape around the candle. You can make any design you’d like and if you use different sizes of tape. Once the tape is on the candle you can begin to apply the glitter all over the candle using a spoon. You then take your paint brush and brush off the excess glitter from the candle. Once you’ve taken off the excess glitter, you’re done.

Sounds easy to do right, well it is. I started off by wrapping the double-sided tape around the candle and while I was doing this I noticed that once I got the tape wrapped all around it was difficult for me to get the paper backing off the tape. Once I did get the backing off I noticed that the tape didn’t go straight around the candle, it went a little crooked. This did bother me a little because I like everything to look neat and come out close to perfect as I can. After the tape was on, I began to add the glitter. This was the fun part except when the glitter began to go all over the place. After the glitter was all on the candle I got my paint brush and brushed off all of the excess glitter from the candle. By the time I was done with these two steps, I had glitter everywhere.

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Left: Candle covered in the double-sided tape
Top right: Adding glitter to the candle
Bottom right: Brushing off the glitter

This was an easy D.I.Y. craft to try out. The only thing that didn’t turn out so well was that I wasn’t able to take off all of the excess glitter off from the candle. There was loose glitter on it that I couldn’t get off, it got stuck on the candle itself and not just on the tape. Other than that, I like the way my candle turned out.

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Final product

If you’d like to try this D.I.Y. craft for yourself CLICK HERE for the project idea!


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