Pinterest D.I.Y. Fail

While browsing through my Dashboard here on WordPress recently, I noticed that I got a new follower. I clicked the link to her blog and noticed she had a lot of great craft ideas, photos and food ideas. I was instantly glued to my computer. I began to scroll through her blog and noticed that she chose to do an entry on a D.I.Y. Pinterest idea that ended up being a complete fail.

Photo from Creative Commons (Nima Badiey on Flickr)

I can most definitely relate to her blog posts because I’ve experienced some that (fail) while writing my blog and the ideas I’ve chosen to re-create. In this specific post she talks about trying to make an at home version of a black head remover which resulted in making her face very irritated, the complete opposite of what should have happened. She included a lot of pictures explaining what she used and directions she followed, as well as the final outcome which was a fail.



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