Be Creative with a Vase

Last week was about transferring a picture onto wood, this time it’s about being creative with a vase by painting the inside of it with a few items found at the craft store.


As I began to read the various steps of the tutorial, I realized that it was a pretty easy concept overall but I had to buy various items to achieve the completed look. The tutorial called for purchasing items such as surface conditioner, glass paint (one colored and one white), and a vase. I only bought the glass paint and vase because when I went to the craft store, I explained to the salesperson the type of project I was doing and he told me I didn’t need the other items, all I needed was the colored glass paint and vase. I believed what he told me and only bought those two things but when I started the project, I noticed that it wasn’t turning out well and maybe I did need the other items.

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Materials used
(bought at Michael’s Arts and Crafts)

When I began to paint the inside of the vase I realized that my hand was getting stuck inside of the vase because it was too narrow. I wasn’t able to get clean brush strokes because I painted in sections due to the shape. The vase that they chose in the tutorial was wider and much easier to paint. I also bought that wrong type of glass paint. I bought frosted glass paint instead of regular glass paint. Since the vase that was used wasn’t frosted, I think that affected the way it dried and the end result as well. Once the vase was completely dry, it looked really streaky and not smooth like it should be. I had a feeling it wasn’t going well because the tutorial said to face the vase down after painting it so the excess would drip off and when I did that nothing came down and I knew it was due to the type of paint I bought.

End product…my vase compared to what it should look like.

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If I were to attempt this project again, I would most definitely purchase everything the tutorial asks for. I will not skip out on the little things, pay attention to the type of paint I need and of course, buy a wider vase so my hand doesn’t get stuck. Although the vase came out looking streaky, it does have a really neat water looking effect to it.

Click here for project idea


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