Just in Time For Christmas: Edible Christmas Tree

It’s about that time of the year again, CHRISTMAS, and this D.I.Y. craft is perfect for the holidays. It serves a double purpose, once it’s completed it can be used as decoration or as a gift.

I came across this D.I.Y. craft when I was browsing through Pinterest for dessert ideas for my Christmas potluck at work. I thought that this was a bit to fancy for a work potluck but a perfect project for my blog and looked easy to make. Continue reading


Shimmering Candles in 3 Steps

Here it is, another D.I.Y. craft and just in time for Christmas may I add. To keep with the candle theme, I started last week, I came across another candle D.I.Y. that involves double-sided tape and glitter. I mean, who doesn’t love GLITTER! This is another great Christmas gift idea that’s inexpensive and easy to make. Continue reading

Pinterest D.I.Y. Fail

While browsing through my Dashboard here on WordPress recently, I noticed that I got a new follower. I clicked the link to her blog and noticed she had a lot of great craft ideas, photos and food ideas. I was instantly glued to my computer. I began to scroll through her blog and noticed that she chose to do an entry on a D.I.Y. Pinterest idea that ended up being a complete fail.

Photo from Creative Commons (Nima Badiey on Flickr)

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Counting Down to Christmas a Crafty Way

It’s never too early to start counting down the days to Christmas, while searching here on WordPress  I came across a blog that is doing just that. The title of the series within her regular blog is, 31 Days of Christmas, and every day the author talks about a new craft/D.I.Y. ideas for Christmas. The blog has a lot of great ideas and it makes me want to be just as creative as she is. Continue reading